10 Keys to Success

Why Should I download "10 Keys to Real Estate Success"?

Written for those contemplating a career in real estate, new real estate agents and those whose career is sputtering. Whether you are rebooting your career, launching your career or thinking about what you would have to do in real estate to be successful, this book is design to do the following:

  • provide guided activities designed to ensure your early success in real estate
  • provide guidance on promotional items that work and how to capitalize on your sphere of influence
  • teach you how to convert open house visitors to clients with demonstrated techniques
  • provide detailed information on how photography can separate you from the real estate crowd
  • help you develop a contact management system and teaches about the contact cycle
  • provide guidance on how to impress and retain clients with proven techniques
  • organize yourself by setting meaningful goals and rewards


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10 Keys to Real Estate Success
A Guide for New Agents or Those Considering a Career in Real Estate Sales


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Written by an an award winning agent with over 10 years of experience that made a full time real estate income while working part time in the residential real estate sales profession. If you are contemplating a career in real estate, are a new agent or an existing agent that isn't having much success then this is a must read to put your career or future career on track.

"Thank you for sharing your open house techniques. It has changed the way I approach potential buyers and sellers." Jon from Buffalo, New York


"I have been considering a career in real estate and I just wanted to say thank you for the insight you have provided. I am going for it!" Laura, Newton, Kansas